144MHz 2エレループアンテナ
144MHz 9エレループアンテナ
144MHz 9エレループアンテナ
430MHz 5エレループアンテナ

144MHz 9エレ & 430MHz 5エレループ” に対して2件のコメントがあります。

  1. 4G1ZYU より:

    Good day, sir. I admire your work about antennas. I’m also a licensed ham operator from the Philippines and have built antennas as well, but this circular loop antenna of yours is awesome. Would you mind to send me the details of it please? Dimensions and materials if possible.
    Thank you in advance and I appreciate everything you’ve done.


    1. JE7EHI より:

      This antenna was not created by a member of our club, so we don’t have the details.

      Sorry that I wasn’t able to help.
      Thanks for your comment!


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